• Works management

Our service encompasses the complete organization, coordination, and supervision of your construction project. We are able to assist you throughout the entire project lifecycle, from the beginning of the design process, to the moment you move in.

We work together with your architect and civil engineer to ensure that results are in line with your expectations. Furthermore, we represent you in all administrative aspects of the project and perform any tasks necessary for the progression of the works.

We collaborate with technical teams specialized in their fields of work, always seeking the best technical and financial solutions without ever losing sight of the design brief. Technically, we focus on quality requirements and long-term building performance.

Throughout the duration of the project, you receive daily progress updates with photos and videos. This seamless communication makes it possible to discuss issues and make timely decisions, in order to maintain the momentum of the building process.

Costs are monitored and payments followed so that you have an accurate view of the projects’ financials. Our aim is to realize your project keeping in mind cost targets and providing budgetary advice at every stage.

Overall, our goal is to provide you the best possible experience of your building project in Paros.


  • Renovation

Whether you need a small painting job or a complete renovation, we can assist with your project. We take care of all aspects of project management, organizing, coordinating, and supervising the execution of the work.

We consult fully with you to define the scope of the work required. We then estimate costs, assign priorities and schedules, and engage with carefully chosen contractors to complete the work.

The technical teams involved in the project are chosen from both detailed quotes and their proven ability to meet your quality requirements. The choice is driven by the best value for money to meet budgetary targets, quality, and the design result.

Continuous communication allows you to follow the evolution of the project step by step. Financials are constantly monitored so you can have detailed follow up.

We provide a full and trustworthy project management service, making your experience easy and the result successful.


  • Property management

We take care of your property as if it were our own. Our services range from occasional cleaning to full monthly property management – all carried out by experienced professionals. The service provided is tailored to the personal needs of the owner and their budgetary requirements.

Our full service includes several visits per month while you are away, cleaning, checking the working order of appliances, preparing the house before arrival, fixing any issue occurring in the house, managing the various service providers (pool, garden, etc….), car care, car delivery at the airport or port, etc.

In addition, if you rent your property during the months you are away, we can take care of your guests while they are enjoying their holidays and are available to take care of their every need. We can also assist you in managing the booking platforms or/and agencies that present your property.

Each property is different, as every owner has different needs, and therefore the service we offer is custom-made to achieve the best long-term collaboration.


  • Gardens

As for the buildings, we can take care of your garden, either with gardening works upon request or with a monthly or annual contract. The latter can include various types of work, that will be defined and evaluated to estimate recurring monthly or annual costs.  Cleaning, controlling watering systems before and during the season, mowing, pruning, fertilizing etc., are the common tasks that can be included.

We can also take care of planting for you, and what we do depends on the size of the garden to be planted. It can be a new garden or replacement of seasonal plants and flowers, so the work is defined by the number of trees, plants, and the difficulty in performing the work.  In addition, we can install complete watering systems or maintain your existing ones.